Boiler Repair & Installation Calgary

When your boiler malfunctions, it can leave your home cold and uncomfortable, especially during Calgary’s harsh winters. Our professional boiler repair services ensure your heating system is restored quickly and efficiently, providing you with consistent warmth and peace of mind.

your comfort is our priority

We understand the importance of a functioning boiler, especially during the cold season. Our technicians are dedicated to providing prompt and efficient service to minimize downtime and restore your home’s comfort swiftly.

Did you know that regular maintenance can prevent up to 70% of boiler breakdowns? Routine maintenance checks are crucial for identifying potential issues early and ensuring your boiler operates efficiently throughout the winter months.

energy efficiency

Timely boiler repairs can significantly improve your system's efficiency, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower heating bills. An efficiently running boiler uses less energy to heat your home, providing cost savings and reducing your environmental footprint.

Our Services

  • Emergency Repairs
  • We offer emergency repair services to address urgent boiler issues promptly, ensuring your home remains warm and comfortable.
  • Replace Components
  • We use high-quality replacement parts to fix any faulty components, ensuring the durability and reliability of your boiler.
  • Maintenance
  • Regular maintenance services help prevent breakdowns, extend the lifespan of your boiler, and improve its overall performance.

Read reviews from our customers

""This was the first time we used Icon Plumbing & Heating & we were very impressed with all aspects of the work, from the initial quote for garage heater & setting up the appointment with Jay, to the actual service work performed by Nathan"

Jaspreet Khaira

"Icon Plumbing has been an integral part of our operations at Alair Homes and Unique Projects in Calgary. As one of the Project Managers, I can confidently assert that Icon Plumbing is our first choice when it comes to plumbing services."

jessica cymbal

"Best of the three plumbers we worked with. Actually solved the root cause of the problem instead of just patching it up and collecting a quick payment like other plumbing services we had used before. Great communication, fast, friendly, and very knowledgeable"

michael ruth